Frequently asked questions


How do I find you?

Address: 3220 Arnhem Highway Wak Wak. Located on the way to Kakadu National Park

What are my transport options?

Self Drive - we are located on sealed roads. Transfers from Darwin -

How do I Book?

Online at

How far are you from Darwin?

1 hour or 65kms

How far are you from Kakadu?

There is a town called Adelaide River, is that where you are located?

Where are you located?


How often do your cruises run?

Up to 6 cruises run daily, see website for a live scedule.

Do the cruises still operate in the rain?

Cruises will operate in all weather where deemed safe by the skipper on board. If cruises are changed or cancelled all guests will be notified at our earliest convenience.

When are the crocodiles most active?

Whats the difference between the Adelaide River Queen Cruise and the Pathfinder Cruise?

What is the best time to do the cruise?

What is the difference between the boats?

What times do you tours operate?


Do you serve professionally made coffee?

Do you have food?

What alternative foods do you have?

Do you have alternative milks?


Do you have WIFI?

No, but we do have full Telstra 4G reception within our CAFE.

Do you have baby change facilities?

Yes, in the ladies bathroom we have a baby change table.


Do you have disability access?

Are there toilets on the boats?


How far in advance do we need to book?

What is your COVID cancelation policy?