Not all Crocodile tours are the same. First established in 1985 

The Original Adelaide River Queen Jumping Crocodile Cruises 

is located in Australias Northern Territory,

60 minutes drive from Darwin CBD.

The Northern Territory's Original and Famous Jumping Crocodile Cruise!

Family owned and operated

Offering an unrivalled level of safety, quality and comfort

Nothing comes close to this 

1-hour unforgettable experience onboard our custom built vessels, viewing Australia's deadliest reptiles, the famed  

Australian Salt Water Crocodile

Crocodiles are often viewed in cages or enclosures, however the chance to view the majestic jumping Crocodiles 100% in the wild, and in their own habitats is one not to be missed


Adelaide River Queen Cruises interaction with hundreds of different crocodiles is both educational and exciting whilst being brief enough to ensure there is minimal impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

We have 3 custom designed vessels to provide differing cruise experiences, all offering superior quality and comfort and safety.


"Adelaide River Queen II"  "Kakadu Pathfinder"  "Pathfinder II"